An ongoing list of things that rub me the wrong way on LJ

Well, hopefully ongoing... i do ever so dislike being rubbed the wrong way! D:> [Or maybe it actually really like it.. ooooh]

When people say "follow the fake cut" but... don't make it look like an lj-cut..... if your link doesn't have parenthesis around it, then, goddamn it, it's a link, not a fake-cut!
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(This is what a fake-cut looks like!)

See how the second one leads you to an entirely different website? I'm not entirely sure how the term came to be [i mean, wtf is the point, really?... besides to TRICK PEOPLE! >:D] But, fuck, if you're going to use the term, use it correctly!

This is NOT a fake-cut

It is called a link. :D

(You fucked it up)

This is a fairly close attempt, but the parenthesis are not supposed to be included in the link... :D ooookay!

B. "Delete if this isn't allowed!"
In communities.... i'm so sick of people writting that on the end of a post that might be considered off topic...
Mods don't really have deleteing power! D: [Not that i know of... in my own group, i can't delete whole posts, just comments. xD;;]
Plus, some people just type it so we'll know that they know that it's slightly offtopic and we might bitch at them about it.
But even if their post was deleted i bet they'd be pissed, none the less! xD [i know i would be....] SO WTF IS THE POINT OF WRITING IT, YOU GUIS?!

Okay, that's all i can come up with right now... but.. i'm sure they'll be... more... >:(

Also, this doesn't end my hiatus.... >_> Not et all...
i actually started a new LJ... but i haven't written anything in it yet [Plus... wtf did lj do to their layout system? It's so complicated now! D:> ::dunce::]

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i guess it's official... i'm a lurker! o__o i feel no desire to write here anymore [if you don't count right now....], though i do read my friends list almost daily. ^^;; Oh well.. maybe something cataclismic will happen and i'll start writitng here again.. >_>
i "made" a new icon that i'm never going to use but i must post it since it makes me chuckle:
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If you don't know, you must read the OS-Tan comics.... they're so... weird. xD;;

Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious

+ Kingdom Hearts II
+ New Therapist
+ New Prescription for anxiety/depression [Of course]
+ Camera seems to be broken and i NEED IT FOR TOMORROW [i'm just that lucky]
+ Taking sleeping pills nightly now [i shouldn't, but my mum flips out if i don't, and i haven't got a mind of my own yet, so...]
+ Class tomorrow....
+ Good night -_- ~zZzZzZzZz
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i think it’s safe to say that everyone thinks you’re weird if you can say "They sure animated the Man with the Yellow Hat to be damn sexy!" and no one around you looks at you funny or questions it. Hehe
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